REI Half Dome Tent 2 Review 2010

by madcanoe on December 27, 2010

The REI Half Dome Tent is a ruggedly constructed canoeing/backpacking tent designed to accommodate two people with maximum efficiency. This 3-season, freestanding tent designed for two is popular because it will hold up to weather conditions you might encounter on your backpacking, or canoeing trip.

The REI Half Dome’s lightweight construction makes it ideal for backpacking, but it is also the perfect tent for canoe camping trips, and especially wilderness canoeing trips, because its low weight design makes transporting the tent effortless, and the compact design is ideal for storage inside the canoe or on your back while portaging gear.

You can purchase the REI Half Dome online at Go shop for your tent now.

Backpacker Magazine says, “‘the Half Dome remains the epitome of functional, affordable design,’ remarked the same testers who used it 8 years ago.”

This REI Half Dome is constructed with the same philosophy that made the first Half Dome Tent so popular. It’s two side doors and vestibles not only provides easy access but also excellent ventilation and easy entry. The construction provides nearly a vertical wall design which is essential for staying dry. But I think the best part of the newer REI Half Dome is that it’s designed with 34% more room than last years tent.

  • Extra room for sleeping and for gear storage.
  • Extra dryness because less of your body is in contact with the tent walls.
  • Color coded poles make set-up very easy. 
  • Adjustible ceiling vents reduce condensation by drawing cool air and expelling warm air.
  • Easy to operate zippers and multiple storage pockets and hang loops. 

There are so many more positive features that could be listed about this tent but I don’t have time to list them all, so you’ll have to do more research on your own.

Good luck with your tent purchase no matter what you choose, but you should seriously consider the Half Dome Tent from REI.

Watch the video of the new Half Dome Tent.

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