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by madcanoe on June 2, 2011

NRS Natural Paddling Gloves

The comfortable, flexible fit and the excellent palm-to-finger grip of the NRS Natural paddling gloves work together to enhance the feel of your paddle or oar. With a reflective titanium laminate, 3.5mm neoprene and tough exterior coating, the Natural gloves offer excellent insulation and high resistance to evaporative cooling. Glued and blind-stitched, the Natural gloves retain heat and help keep water out; they’re perfect for chilly, windy days on the water. Durable palms and curved fingers ensure excellent grip and superb control of your paddle or oar. Innovative neoprene cuffs create a comfortable seal around your wrists, reducing entry of water and retaining heat inside the gloves. Durable coating on backs of fingers increases insulation, and soft fleece on back of thumb offers a place to wipe your nose.

REI’s Sale Price – $39.95

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