Exped SIM Comfort MegaMat 10 sleeping Pad by

by madcanoe on May 30, 2011

Exped SIM Comfort MegaMat 10 sleeping Pad

The Exped SIM Comfort MegaMat 10 LXW sleeping pad is mega big and mega warm. Ideal for car camping, the 4 in. of padding gives you a luxurious night’s sleep. Laminated polyester surface fabric is durable, airtight and humidity resistant; nonslip finish keeps you on the pad. Uses high-grade open-cell polyurethane foam for efficient warmth; horizontal air channels cored through foam make mats extremely lightweight. Features 2 wide, low-profile, FlatValves for inflation and deflation; pad self-inflates, but to top off, inflate with the included minipump. Intake valve features a built-in flap to prevent air escaping when inflating; flap can be released to let a little air out when finding that ideal comfort zone. High-frequency welded seams create airtight construction. Includes stuff sack for protection during transportation. The Exped SIM Comfort MegaMat sleeping pad includes repair kit with adhesive and fabric patches. SIM = Self Inflating Mat; LXW = Long eXtra Wide.

Retail Price = 199.00

Sale Price = 199.00

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