Dome Tents for Canoe Camping Trips

by madcanoe on July 4, 2008

Selecting the right camping gear can mean the difference between a good or bad canoe camping experience. And with most outdoor hobbies if your first experience is bad you probably won’t do it again. Camping tents are one of the most important considerations when purchasing your canoe camping equipment, while there are many versatile tents to choose from , the dome tent is probably the best selection for most canoe campers. Dome tents are compact and take little space inside the canoe, the are generally easy to set-up, and offer plenty of room inside provided you make the right size selection.

REI has the best selection in serious canoe tents. Many paddlers opt for the REI Half Dome tent, and since the Half Dome comes in a variety of models it’s really only a matter of selecting the tent that’s fits your budget. Go shopping for your tent at REI right now.

The number of occupants is the first consideration when choosing a dome tent . Remember that tent sizes are generally overestimated, so if you are the only occupant you may want to consider selecting a 2 person tent to accommodate you and your gear comfortably. If there are two occupants you may want to select a tent rated at 3-4 occupants. Many canoe campers do short one night trips with young children and elect to bring along certain luxuries such as air mattresses and pillows, and with young children these could be more like necessities, and if you are in this category of  canoe campers you may want to go all out of a good family sized tent. They are not so cumbersome for a one or two night trip if you have others to help you set it up.

One final consideration is cost. In most weather conditions a three season tent is adequate, and you don’t have to purchase the most expensive tent, but don’t buy the cheapest either. You need something that is waterproof, windproof, and will last for years to come.

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