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by madcanoe on June 25, 2011

Delta Kayaks Fourteen 5 Expedition Kayak with Rudder

With oodles of room for gear, the Delta Fourteen 5 Expedition kayak delivers superb stability during both day tours and extended paddling trips. Thermoformed ABS plastic hull material is stiff and light like traditional composite kayaks and offers similar looks, but costs considerably less. Hull shape enhances primary stability without compromising secondary stability, allowing beginners to feel comfortable in rough seas. Roomy cockpit offers extra legroom while long, low waterline and distinctively chined hull supply a dry ride in rough water; high volume upper hull enhances flotation. Seat is adjustable 4 in. forward and backward even while paddling so the trim of the kayak can be adjusted on the move. Neoprene-padded seat and adjustable backband offer comfort and support on long trips; neoprene padding on thigh bracing improves comfort and control. Cockpit-adjustable footbraces fit most paddlers, and integrated thighbraces are placed such that you don’t scrape your shins during entry. Great for extended touring, the generous capacity of the bow and stern hatches provide access to dry storage space. Cockpit-deployable aluminum rudder system enhances tracking, minimizes side-slipping and helps with steering when you need it; 2009 model extends rudder by 1.5 in. Bulkheads add buoyancy and keep gear dry; hardshell, recessed hatch covers with neoprene hatch seals are secured via bungee closures. Bungee deck rigging at bow and stern retains extra gear; safety straps aft of cockpit as well as nylon perimeter lines aid in paddle float self-rescue. Ergonomic, rubber grab handles are easy on hands and make car-topping and transport to the water a snap.

REI’s Sale Price – $2100

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