Dagger Axis 12 Kayak with Skeg-Dagger

by madcanoe on July 2, 2011

Dagger Axis 12 Kayak with Skeg

New to paddling and ready to go full-steam ahead? The Dagger Axis 12 kayak with skeg offers a versatile design that keeps performing right along with your increasing level of skill. White-water inspired design is suitable for quick-moving rivers, stillwater lakes and light surf; when you’re ready for waters that present a challenge, so is the Axis 12. 12 ft. length maintains speed and enhances ease of motion when you’re looking to cover water, and an integrated beam stiffens the hull to keep you in control when turning. Stable hull inspires confidence for beginners, and defined chines enhance maneuverability. Rotomolded polyethylene construction offers performance, responsiveness and rugged durability. Height-adjustable, drop-down skeg reduces the tendency of the kayak to weathercock in strong winds and currents and enhances tracking. Soft foam seat features a height-adjustable backrest, leg lifters, and thigh pads in the cockpit. Roomy cockpit makes it easy for large paddlers to enter kayak, and sliding foot pegs lock in to adjust the fit for multiple paddlers. Mesh pocket attached to the bow deck offers secures storage for small accessories, and it’s within easy reach. Rear hatch provides enough storage for an overnight trip. Carry handles ease transport to the water.

REI’s Sale Price – $899

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