Canoe Fishing at Nockamixon

by madcanoe on July 19, 2008

I haven’t been posting on paddling lately because I haven’t been doing much serious paddling. But I have been canoe fishing from various Pennsylvania waters, Lake Nockamixon being one of my favorite canoe fishing locations.  

The Nockamixon State Park sits on approximately 5000 acres located in the scenic country of Bucks County. Lake Nockamixon is 1450 acres of fishing and boating pleasure, although it’s actually more like boating pleasure because the fishing is so often uneventful that the local fisherman named Lake Nockamixon the “dead sea”.

There is a tremendous amount of fishing and boating activity on the lake, and on just about any day throughout the summer you’ll encounter lines of boaters waiting to use the boat ramps or hell-bent racing across the water to hit as many secret spots on the lake as possible.  

Some fisherman do have fish catching success at Nockamixon using artificial bait, read about it here – While others, including myself, have more success at Nockamixon using live bait.

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