Bending Branches Sun Shadow 14 Bent Shaft Paddle-Bending Branches

by madcanoe on May 4, 2011

Bending Branches Sun Shadow 14 Bent Shaft Paddle

Well-balanced and beautiful, this paddle features a 14-degree bent shaft for maximum paddling efficiency. Narrow ovalized shaft and ergonomically designed grip fit smaller hands comfortably. The 14-degree bend places the blade nearly vertical in the water at the end of the stroke, so you pull your boat cleanly through the water. Bent shaft is short for a quick stroke and smooth ride, while wide blade gives stroke more power. Powerful, efficient 11-laminate blade features butternut, basswood, black willow and alder wood. Wrap Around(TM) Rockgard(R) protects the blade tip, wrapping up around the corners onto the blade edges. Ergonomically designed contour palm grip allows you to paddle for hours in comfort.

REI’s Sale Price – $120

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