Bending Branches Slice Plus Paddle-Bending Branches

by madcanoe on June 2, 2011

Bending Branches Slice Plus Paddle

Do you like to fiddle with your gear until it feels exactly right? The Bending Branches Slice Plus paddle offers you versatility with its clever adjustable ferrule that adapts to changing conditions. Remarkably simple design allows total adjustment of feather angle, from 0deg to 60deg and a 15cm adjustment of overall length. This high-angle paddle can be adjusted to minimize fatigue in calm water, maximize control in rough water or fit multiple paddlers who use a single boat. Fiberglass shaft increases comfort with a slight flex; maintains a warm feel for comfort in cold weather. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades with asymmetrical dihedral shape pull efficiently through entire stroke without excess flutter. High-angle blades offer smooth control for forward, backward, sweep or sculling strokes. 2-piece design breaks down easily for storage and transport. Equipped with heavy-duty rubber drip rings to keep hands and lap dry.

REI’s Sale Price – $120

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