A Canoe Trip, Stubbed Toe, and a Bee Sting

by madcanoe on June 29, 2010

I’ve had a few lousy canoe trips in my time. Especially in my early days of canoeing when I didn’t have the money to purchase decent gear yet was stupid enough to go canoeing in the cold rain and snow. But this recent canoe trip definitely tops my list of lousy canoe trips. In fact it was such a lousy canoe trip I actually turned around and headed back to base camp only a few minutes into the trip.

It was simple. I planned on paddling upriver through a deep channel of the Delaware River for about an hour then slowly float down river, fishing on the way. I figured I was facing about a three hour trip. Well it didn’t turn out that way. In fact I was back to camp in less than one hour from when I left camp.

It started easy; I loaded the canoe and gear with no problems, I then drove to the canoe launch and unloaded my canoe, I parked the car and prepared to launch. But as I pushed my canoe in the river I managed to stub my toe in a mangled piece of concrete that had broken off from the boat launch. Now the best part of this is that I never wear sandals while canoeing because I don’t feel sandals protect my feet as well as paddling shoes. Well this one time that I decided to wear the sandals I proved my theory right as there I was laying on the ground, swearing, gripping my poor stubbed toe. Luckily there were no other boaters at the launch to witness my momentary stupidity.

Ok, after a few minutes of rolling on the ground at the river’s edge the pain and swelling subsided and I decided to launch. It was all good. The sun was shining, there was a nice cool morning breeze gently blowing the rivers mist, and after a few minutes of paddling I even took a moment to cast my rod into a small cove and managed to catch a small mouth bass on my second cast. It was like a paddlers dream. I knew it would be a good day. But suddenly I realized I forgot to apply my sunblock, so I pulled over at the nearest convenient location and began to apply sunblock on my body. Once finished applying my sunblock I begin to paddle back out to the channel when I decided to cast one more line before committing myself to the grueling upstream challenge. As I gripped my fishing rod by the handle I was unexpectedly zapped in the hand with a very sharp pain, and in my reaction to the unexpected sharp pain I dropped the fishing rod into the river. My first thought was that I had hooked myself but then noticed the bee stinger dangling from my hand. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to cast my rod after the painful sting but it didn’t really matter as my recently purchased fishing rod was at the bottom of the deep channel of the Delaware River.

Did you ever get so disgusted while pursuing your passion that you decide to give it up for a while? Well on this day I did. I actually turned the boat around and paddled back to the car. I arrived back to camp within the same hour of leaving camp and crawled into the tent to sleep off my frustration. The only good thing about this day was that it was only a cheap Cabelas fishing rod I had lost in the Delaware River.

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